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Sexual Dysfunction

Hypnotherapy for sexual issues aims to access your unconscious and change the thought patterns and behaviours that are causing the problem. To promote positive change, relaxation and self-confidence, hypnotherapy uses the power of suggestion. Your hypnotherapist will tailor the suggestions to you, to help you learn what triggers the issue. Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to reduce stress and anxiety and rebuild an enjoyable sex life, without worry.

Hypnotherapy can help by removing any mental pressure that surrounds intercourse and performance anxiety. Techniques will help you start to trust your body and ignore the negative voice in your head, replacing it with a more positive, controlled state of mind.

Your hypnotherapy sessions will depend on you as an individual, as well as taking into consideration your symptoms and life experiences. If you have experienced a traumatic event or suffered a negative sexual experience, hypnotherapy can help guide you on the journey. Through specialist techniques, you will learn how to move your mind past the trauma and out of the negative cycle. 

The number of sessions will vary depending on cause but you should expect to commit to at least five sessions.

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