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Becoming the change

What do you want to change that will make a real difference to your life?

Is something holding you back, keeping you fearful, causing you stress?

Are you ready to commit to a new future; a new way of thinking or feeling?

I work with men and women who are serious about changing aspects of their lives and fulfilling their potential. I'm trained to use several psycho-therapeutic approaches and each therapy session is tailored to your needs. Well researched and completely safe, hypnotherapy really can make a difference and sometimes very quickly. If there is something that I can help you with or if you want to know more about me or how I work, please take a look around my website, or give me a call.

My promise to you is to always act with integrity, to communicate honestly and to commit to helping you to achieve your goals. Your sessions will be administered by a qualified and experienced certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CH) who will take time to listen and assess

 your personal needs for maximum results.

What is hypnotherapy?

One of the questions often asked by clients when they come to see us for the first time is “What is hypnotherapy and how does it work?”

Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with either suggestion or analytical techniques to help resolve any emotional issues that may be having a negative effect on your life in some way.

The word ‘hypnosis’ is the Greek word for ‘sleep’. This may worry some people, as they feel concerned that they may be asleep or out of control in some way during their hypnotherapy session. Some people believe that they will ‘go under’ or that their mind will be under the control of the therapist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no such thing as hypnotised feeling! There is, however a wonderful feeling of calmness and relaxation. This pleasant state is very similar to the feeling you have when you lose yourself in a book or a daydream.

Once in a state of relaxation the subconscious mind is open and very receptive to positive suggestions in the case of suggestion therapy. For those clients requiring hypnoanalysis to resolve their issues, the relaxed state of hypnosis enables them to work with us to discover and resolve the cause of their problem and their symptoms improve as a result.

Kevin Edwards. 

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

NGH Certified Hypnotherapist 

(National Guild of Hypnotherapists)

Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists


Corporate and Comedy Hypnosis Shows 

NLP Practitioner

Master of  forgiveness and modern techniques

Professional offices near London Ontario

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