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Here you will find some of the services we offer. Click on a link to find out more about the issue that most closely suits your needs. If you would like help with an issue that is not listed here please contact us with more details . Hypnotherapy has almost limitless potential to help in all areas of life.

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking treatment typically takes place during a single session of approximately one and a half to two hours duration. We will usually begin by answering any questions you may have, offering you a brief explanation of how hypnosis works and outlining what is going to happen during the session so that you can feel comfortable and at ease.

Hypnosis can be a powerful ally to help make the necessary behavioural changes and emotional changes at an unconscious level so that you can make healthier eating choices.

Hypnosis for weight loss also provides deep-rooted motivation for reaching your desired body image. In turn, this motivation enables you to stick with your behavioural changes until they become a natural part of your life.

Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for many individuals with phobias. A significant percentage of the population suffers from a phobia of one type or another. For some individuals it can be mildly distressing but manageable. For others it can be seriously debilitating. A phobia is an irrational fear of a particular stimulus

The aim of hypnosis for self-esteem is to identify and challenge patterns of negative thinking. It also encourages positive changes through the power of suggestion. Once you're under hypnosis, a hypnotherapist will present various hypnotic suggestions, visualisations and other techniques. These help to promote positive thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that support a healthy self-esteem.

Modern lifestyles mean we are less likely to find ourselves in public situations. Much of our free time is spent in the comfort of our own homes or online. At work, more people are utilising email, online hangouts and conference calls, so there is rarely a need to speak in front of an audience. This all means that when public speaking situations do come up, understandably we can feel anxious

An addiction is an obsessive, uncontrollable and often harmful attachment to an activity, behaviour or substance. People can become addicted to all sorts of things, but it is most commonly associated with drugs, gambling or alcohol

We all experience stress at one stage or another. It can be caused by our professional or personal lives, and each individual will cope with it differently. What one person may regard as highly stressful, another person may regard as highly motivational. Problems occur when individuals perceive themselves as unable to cope with the level of stress they face.

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their life. While some problems resolve themselves, some do not and professional help may be required. Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment for many sexual issues, though it is important that you consult your GP before seeking treatment.

Lost motivation to go the gym?

Want to improve your sporting prowess?

Hypnosis could help you harness the power of your mind! How Can I Develop My Fitness Motivation? Do you find yourself wishing that you were just a little bit less unfit but struggle to find consistent motivation where fitness and exercise are concerned.

Feeling angry is a normal part of life. Usually anger is a result of feeling frustrated, insulted, deceived or even under attack. For many, anger is a natural reaction that passes quickly. In some instances however, it can become a difficult emotion to control.

We are creatures of habit. About half of what we do is governed by habit, as the unconscious mind takes over and embeds our routines in our neural pathways. If you want to kick out an old habit and substitute a new one hypnosis may be for you.

What our customers are saying

After years of struggling with a few issues I finally decided to try Hypnotherapy. I can't believe I waited so long. Thank you so much for giving me my life back

R. Wilson - Tillsonburg,ON

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