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Addiction Issues

If you are dependent on a particular substance or activity to get through daily life, it is quite likely that you have an addiction. You may be finding it increasingly difficult to control your urges, and your relationships, work life and overall well-being could be starting to suffer.

Recognising you may be addicted is an important step towards getting help. Addiction help is available in many forms, but a number of people find hypnosis for addiction particularly beneficial. On this page we will explore signs and causes, and exactly how hypnotherapy for addiction works.

Today, an area of addiction help that is growing in popularity is hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for addiction aims to get to the root of the problem by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the patient. In this relaxed state, the patient is more receptive to suggestions and ideas that are compatible with their goals. This allows for the hypnotherapist to offer ideas about the substance or activity that the patient is addicted to in order to help them gain control over their addiction. A hypnotherapist will provide the support and guidance required to alter ingrained behavioural patterns. This enables a patient to treat the underlying cause of their addictive behaviour and rebuild their emotional strength. Hypnotherapy for addiction can be an effective tool during the early stages of addiction during recovery.

The number of required sessions will vary from person to person but an expected average is six sessions.

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