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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy could help to get you focused on achieving your goals – whether it’s dropping a dress size or competing in the local half marathon – if you are motivated to do it (and your doctor says it’s ok*) then go for it!

Because developing enough fitness motivation is an important component of your exercise plan, why not get your subconscious mind working on improving your enthusiasm for your exercise routine. Hypnotherapy could help you to maintain your fitness motivation and instil a positive ‘let’s do it’ attitude to get you fit and healthy with routine gym attendance. It could also help you deal with the negative barriers you are creating for yourself about why you "can’t" do it – no more excuses.

If you want to get fit and get exercising then maybe hypnotherapy could help you find that added boost you need.. .you already want to do it so now let’s get your subconscious to accept it! Finding reasons (for reasons read: excuses) why you cannot exercise is a very easy habit to get in to and lots of us can benefit from just a little extra nudge to overcome it.

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